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Life is !!CrAzY!!

Almost as crazy as me

A Dubya
30 April
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So...how can I describe myself. Well, the biggest and most important thing to know is that I am a student at UT (Hook 'em) who plans on being very successful. I want to be a business owner and also work with fashion. Maybe both at the same time, maybe not!
If I had a song to describe my future, I'd say it was "Bad bitch." I know it sounds funny, but I want to be that bad bitch for someone, lol.
Other than school, I don't take myself too seriously. I think of myself as a fun, outgoing person who definately likes to have a good time!
My friends say I'm a ghetto white girl because, well, I'm just tight like that ;) J/k. I'm only ghetto when the person I'm with brings it out of me! I definately like rap/hip-hop, but I'm into some country and rock (but no heavy hardcore head banging shit). When I say rock, I mean "pop rock" because I can't handle all that yelling and stuff. Anyways. I'm done, lol! :) xoxoxoxoxo